Custom Made TAPESTRY

Neo TAPIS transforms the photo of your pet into a luxurious 3D tapestry.
The very first tapestry of this sort is made possible by combining all of the best: our creative and dedicated artisans, the traditional hand-tufting method, digital processing and the Japanese NC manufacturing technology. Always loyal to the initial concept: A brand new tapestry with exclusive and distinctive design, made with greatest care. 

Let’s make your own Neo TAPIS.

Neo TAPIS is entirely made to order. 
Please take the following easy steps to order your original tapestry.​

1. Choose your favourite photos of your pet.
2. Please see next page to choose the optimal size for your tapestry.
3. Personalising Options
4. Make your choice of colour from sepia and grey tones.
    Your tapestry can be framed or wall-hung as you wish.
    Decorate your wall with Neo TAPIS.

What kinds of photos or poses of your pet are suitable for a tepestry?

It is possible to make tapestry from any photos of your choice. However, the following types of photos can give a less interesting result when made into a tapestry.



The procedures of deciding on a design

1. Decide the area of the photo used to make a tapestry.
2. Decide the size of your tapestry.
3. The minimum distance between the eyes of your pet is 7 to 8 cm in your tapestry.
4. Make a finished image in black and white.


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